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To transform darkness into light, ignorance into wisdom, brokenness into wholeness.


A new immersive travel concept designed to transform our relationships and our world.


About Us

Illumine cultivates empathy and community across global divides. We do this through curated, people-centered journeys.


Neuroscience demonstrates that face-to-face encounters can transform our worldview. And thus our world.


To see “the other” differently. And ourselves.




Israel/Palestine Immersive ::

Journey to Jerusalem, described since antiquity “as the center of the world.” When there don’t just walk in the footsteps of tourists. Connect with a wide variety of Israelis and Palestinians. Hear their stories. Celebrate their cultures (and phenomenal cuisine). Confront their complex realities. Meet remarkable change agents, Israeli and Palestinian, working towards a better future despite their impossible reality. Walk away challenged, inspired and convicted—to be a better person, to find hope in darkness, and to take positive action.


An American Pilgrimage: Excavating our American Story ::

America has rarely felt more divided. Journey with Illumine to the brackish waters of the Mississippi delta. There begin an excavation of the competing narratives that make us who we are today. From the Acadian (Cajun) community’s historic quest for religious freedom, to the rise of the slave trade and mass incarceration; from the bounty of the world’s second-most productive estuaries, to the vanishing Louisiana coast line, which also happens to be home to vulnerable First Nation communities; from the influence of foreign empire, to the rise of American classical music, Jazz, born from the rhythm and melodies of slaves; from Creole culture and cuisine to the modern quest to save the most vulnerable of New Orleans’ communities post-Katrina; the Gulf Coast is the perfect lab to begin exploring the American tapestry in its many vibrant, and often problematic themes. We’ll wind our way up through ground zero of the Civil Rights Movement, Jackson, MS and into Selma and Montgomery Alabama, examining the rich and culture history of the South, along with the many stories that unite--and divide--us today.


We currently have a variety of multi-narrative, people-centered journeys in development around the United States and the world.


More Information

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Please note:

Each trip is bespoke—designed to you and your group’s specific needs and interests.

We currently do not offer tours that individuals can join; but we may in the near future. Please email us your interest.

Pricing varies substantially for trips, based on you and your group’s needs. We offer options ranging from standard to high-end luxury. Yet even our most basic trips always include comfortable accommodation, delectable (and healthy) cuisine, and inspired and inspiring storytellers to accompany your journey.


Who We Are

Established in 2018, Illumine’s founders are pioneers in experiential, people-centered journeys.

Over the last decade, we’ve developed a new model of tourism and have guided over 1,500 prominent celebrities, politicians, faith leaders, entrepreneurs, faith leaders and other influencers through life-changing journeys in conflict zones—primarily in the Middle East.

Through Illumine, we’re making these experiences available to many more people. And applying our methodology to issues and conflicts around the world—including in our home country, the United States of America.


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